Tom Sachs: Rocket Factory - Components


Links: https://linktr.ee/TSRocketfactory Tom Sachs Rocket Factory is a trans-dimensional manufacturing plant: we use NFTs to build new NFTs. Acquire all three Components – Nose Cone, Body, Tail Assembly – in your Rocket Factory Hangar to mint a completed Rocket NFT. Visit: [Mars Rocks Collection](/collection/tom-sachs-mars-rocks), [Rockets Collection](/collection/tom-sachs-rockets), [Patches Collection](/collection/tom-sachs-rocket-factory-patches-) and [Tickets Collection](/collection/tom-sachs-mothership-tickets) Only 1000 Rocket NFTs will be minted into existence, and each is given a unique name by Tom Sachs. Build a Rocket that defines you: maybe a Frankenrocket (different branded Components), or maybe a Perfect Rocket (same branded Components). The community will decide which Rockets the world needs. Visit: [Rockets Collection](/collection/tom-sachs-rockets)

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