The CryptoDads


CryptoDads & CryptoMoms bring together some of the best parts of web3 and life: networking, family, $STEAK, beer, laughs with just the right amount of degen. Stake your Dads and Moms to earn $STEAK, a token that you can exchange for NFTs, IRL items (like beer!), AL spots, and NFT trait changes! https://steak.cryptodadsnft.com/ We have embraced dynamic NFTs and metadata changes by adding new traits to our $STEAK Shop! **IMPORTANT! Rarity changes constantly!** Our project has been amongst the most successful at onboarding and welcoming new people to NFTs through our NFT Toolbox initiative. The team has created step-by-step videos covering the basics of getting into the NFT space. https://cryptodads-nft-toolbox.teachable.com/p/cryptodads-nft-toolbox [CryptoDads Official Website](https://cryptodadsnft.com/) [Discord AKA: The Cave](https://discord.gg/cryptodadsnft) **CryptoDads Brand IP is owned by CryptoDads LLC** **Owners have commercial rights to their owned CryptoDads**

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