Tasty Bones XYZ


[Tasty Bones](https://tastybones.xyz) is an NFT collection of 4999 skeletons who fetch food offerings from the Land of the Living and deliver to their respective Souls in the Land of the Dead. These skeletons have to contend with 45 Hungry Ghosts⁤ and 5 Demons who try to steal the food offerings. --- *Tasty Bones is providing a community-driven interactive NFT experience that will tie into the lore! Holders will be able to interact with their NFT to increase their rarity and gain value through other mechanisms, but will run the risk of losing it if they get too greedy.* You may also like: [Honorary Bones](https://opensea.io/collection/honorarybones) | [Tasty Collabs](https://opensea.io/collection/tastycollabs)

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