Pixel Vault Founder's DAO


Incubated by Pixel Vault, the Founder's DAO is a collective of distributed members represented by Founder's DAO tokens. The Founder’s DAO empowers community-driven investment, with a focus on discovering new opportunities while advancing the vision of Pixel Vault. The Founder’s DAO prioritizes transparency, accountability, and integrity in all it does. The Founder’s DAO, fully governed by its members, has the flexibility to operate in a decentralized and autonomous manner, and can engage in various business transactions from time to time as long as it conforms to the DAO’s mission and constitution. Founder’s DAO voting: https://snapshot.org/#/foundersdao.eth Founder’s DAO vault: https://opensea.io/0x580A96BC816C2324Bdff5eb2a7E159AE7ee63022 Founder’s DAO Discord channel: https://discord.com/channels/835244823857332245/841099058743345163

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