Welcome to the ALPACADABRAZ Genesis Collection, created by the talented artist Chuckchee. What began as a fun project between three brothers is now on its way to becoming a beloved brand enjoyed by millions worldwide. As a Genesis Paca owner, you'll have the exclusive opportunity to be part of the [children's brand](https://mirror.xyz/alpacadabraz.eth/qD9FqWpM6UxT_X2AMXbhe2KllvqklrtgNi64gZdbBkw) we are building. In Q1 2023, each Genesis holder will receive a PacaErectus- a 2-legged 3D Paca avatar. Whether you're new to the world of NFTs or an experienced collector, this is a chance you don't want to miss. Join us on this exciting journey as we bring Chuckchee's imaginative creations to life. The ALPACADABRAZ Genesis Collection is in the public domain and all copyrights have been waived (CC0).

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